Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bluer than blue

Did you ever have one of those days where you just felt empty? I often have that feeling on Sundays. Most of Sunday sucked! (There was a good moment, visiting the Shrine of Blessed Francis and the new Porziuncola there). What's worse is this week it began on Sunday, but I still feel it! It lessened a bit during last evening's Michaelmas celebration, but it is back this morning! Part of it is money related. I have been flat broke for a few months now. Sunday I went out for lunch and spent my last $23. I hadn't planned on it. I just have trouble saying no. On top of that, I am behind in a couple of my bills. With no money I have little I can do and most folks don't want to spend time with me because I have no money and therefore cannot buy gifts or meals. This blueness - this emptiness, I guess it is part lonliness. Do I sound pathetic? YIKES!

I should also mention that part of this is related to my job. The company is downsizing. I am certain that I will still have a job, but it looks very likely that it will be a lesser position with less money. Looks like the solution to the money problem is not just around the corner. Not sure about the lonliness problem. Perhaps if I were a better friend . . .


Anonymous said...

Dont worry as our Lord Jesus said. It wont add a minute to your life!

Peace Be with You!

Michael + said...

thanks anonymous! your brief comment made a lot of difference when I read it. it helped to drive away the blue!