Saturday, September 20, 2008

More on 8

When Del Martin died last month, I posted an entry here on her. When my bishop spoke out against Prop 8 this past week, I posted an entry here. I have also gone to meetings and rallies and have listened to speeches and made phone calls, but there is more to do - much more! Proposition 8 in California is about limiting rights (actually taking away rights) for a group of people. The argument has been made over and over, and even if I was not gay, I would say the same thing: the argument is WRONG! When people tell me that God hates fags or the Jesus said being gay is a sin or that you should not love someone who is of the same sex, I say huh? What Bible have you been reading? There is no mention anywhere in Scripture of same-sex marriage or of Jesus condemning love - any love. Go back and read your Bibles if you think I am wrong.

The thing right now is that we have to get out and vote. We have to spread the word about this hate amendment too. And we have to remember the love that Del and Phyllis shared for so many years. How can anyone say their love was wrong? I pray that all of you will join me in doing the right thing.

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