Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's another BE GOOD TO MOMMY day

I just got off the phone with my mom. She is amazing. At 82 years, she still gets around pretty well I (although she uses a walker for some of the more difficult and longer walks), and can hear and speak and remember things. So many older people are not so fortunate. Anyway, my mom, who has not had a income for over fifteen years and who has had numerous expenses in that time, is still just as generous as she always was. Last month she (along with my sister and aunt) came to visit me for my birthday and while here she gave me gifts including the wonderul gift of chocolate! I think I'll go drink a cup of hot chocolate right now and recall how grateful I am to have such a great mom! Does anyone remember the old Captain Kangaroo television program? They used to sing a song on it called It's Another Be Good To Mommy Day. Yes folks, I know it isn't Mother's Day, but why not take a few minutes to do something good for your own mom or for someone who has been like a mom to you. May God bless all our mothers! Amen.

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